What is Bristol Buddhist Forum?

The Bristol Buddhist Forum was created to bring together the various Buddhist communities in Bristol to share information and resources. It aimed to provide representatives for various initiatives such as Bristol Faiths Forum and Bristol Inter Faith Group.

The Forum has not met since October 2005, so this aged website serves simply as a list of Buddhist organisations in Bristol.

Who are the Member Groups?

Currently, the following groups are members:
oBristol Buddhist Centre
oBristol Insight Meditation Group
oBristol Zen Centre
oBristol Zen Dojo
oLam Rim Bristol Buddhist Centre
oLongchen Foundation
oAmitabha Buddhist Centre
oSakya Centre
oSamatha Trust
oSoka Gakkai International UK
oTheravada Buddhist Centre
Please see groups for further details

For further information: rupert.gethin(a)bristolbuddhistforum.org.uk.